Open House Public Relations is a full-service boutique PR agency. We’re a network of creators, connectors, and communicators who do marketing a little differently.

Our network approach allows us to tap into the expertise of marketing leaders and creative innovators located across the country. We bring in the appropriate experts when you need them to maximize your budget and ensure you only have A-players working on your behalf.

Ask us more about the designers, photographers, creative directors, and innovators who partner with Open House PR.

Our past and current clients represent an array of industries within both B2C and B2B environments. These are just a few:

Home and Garden Products, Home Cleaning Supplies, Hardware Products,

Solvents & Paint Removers, Janitorial/Sanitation, Automotive Appearance,

Architectural & Building Supplies, Heating and Air Conditioning, Tourism & Events

To lean more about working with us, send us a note. We’ll be in touch soon!